Bozwreck! the new tape of Nate Bozung and matty Ryan clik here

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July 30th, 2009 by justin
Last night we had a Bozwreck/VG video party with a bunch of homies at Aaron Biittner’s place. I gotta say that if you don’t buy Bozwreck 3000 you are a filthy buster. This video is an instant classic. Seriously man, this video will make you laugh for hours. Not to mention its stacked with hamms. Not an official review here, but some highlights stuck in my head are: Bradshaw on and off his board, Bob Plumb, Keegan, Chad Tarbell, Tim Ronin, Matty, Eacott, DEADLUNG!, BOZUNG!, CALE!!! Shit will be available for download and on hard copy in August, go to the BOZWRECK site, buy that shit!, and support snowboarding that isn’t wack!! »