« The Partysnake is no myth. He’s the real deal and if you’re not careful he will get you. He’s everywhere, watching patiently waiting for a slip up, and opportunity to attack. You may not think you know what the Partysnake is, you may think you’re safe from his potent strike, but there’s a good chance you’ve already felt his bite before. Have you ever woken up somewhere you don’t remember falling asleep? Have you ever asked yourself, « What in the hell happened last night?’ Have you ever been told crazy stories of embarrassing things you have no recollection of doing? And the clincher: have you ever woken up feeling so bad that you promised yourself that you’d never drink again? If and of this sounds familiar you’ve definitely been bitten by the Partysnake. »

from leepipes :

the first part of their last movie, so steeeeze with Rahim Dina:

and the second and last part with a motha fucka party finish: