GOLDMOON 4000 full movie

Falxa and the new 9’4 Playboy Model by GH ( i do this edit of my friend Robin)

GOLDMOON 4000 teaser

Girls Eat More Than You – the ballad of the soap

Primitive recording with only 3 tracks and Mic less.
Raw footages from the Vietnam War.
Do it yourself or die.

Chillin’ with Golden:

ALMO km25 France/Switzerland

ALMO km1 Early shred

A funny edit about Alaia shreddin’, THE TrASH LALA Experiment:



Lucishred #1

full movie « Celebrities or not » enjoy:

just my segment »Celebrities or not » with my man Anto Brottoenjoy:

teaser of my project from 2009 wintercelebrities

Boobashred edit 08

The G tape